Certification (certified translation), Notalization (notarized translation), Legalization (apostilled translation) in Japan

Our certified translations are accepted by Japanese government agencies (e.g. municipal offices) without any problems.

However, in some cases, notarized translation may be required for overseas procedures (e.g., obtaining documents necessary for marriage with a Japanese partner).



A Document + Translation
B Document + Translation + Certificate (or stamp) *

* Certificates that meet the requirements of the receiving country.

Certificate : 0 yen
"Certified translation"
C Document + Translation + Certificate + Notarial certificate

Notary fees : 15000 yen
"Notarized translation"
D Document + Translation + Certificate + Notarial certificate (+ Certificate LAB) + Apostille

Notary fees, legalization fees : 19000 yen
"Apostilled translation "

It is rare that a notarized translation is required for visa application. A certified translation prepared by us is enough.

However, for "big events" such as marriage, establishment of a company, purchase of real estate, etc., and for "small events" such as enrollment in school, opening a bank account, finding a job, signing a lease, etc.,
apostilled official documents are often required.

For these reasons, we offer a special plan that is both economically and practically "safe".

(Japanese official) Document + Apostille + Translation + Certificate

Fees : 3000 yen
"Apostille - Certified translation"


The time required (approximate) is indicated in green letters.
■ If you are in a hurry or do not need a quotation, you may proceed directly to "Step 4". Please let us know your name and phone number when you send us the "How to Read Proper Nouns".
Step 1 : Request for Quotation (by e-mail)
Please send us the image data (PDF) of the document to be translated.  E-MAIL
Step 2 : Sending of Quotation (by e-mail) Within 12 hours of requesting a quotation
If you do not receive our e-mails, please check your mail filter settings or trash box.
Step 3 : Official order (by e-mail)
Etape 4 : Sending of:
1 - Original document (by post)
■ If the original cannot be submitted to the destination (e.g. diploma), we will make a certified copy of the original for submission free of charge (up to A3 size original). The original document will be returned to you when delivered (Step 7).

■ If you want to make multiple translations of the same document (500 yen/copy), you will need the same number of originals. For documents for which multiple originals can be obtained (e.g. birth certificates, school certificates), please send the required number of originals. For other documents, we will make the necessary number of "certified copies of originals".
2 -
Copy of the document to be translated (by post or e-mail)
- For English translations of Japanese documents: with "How to read proper nouns"
- For Japanese translations of English documents: with "Katakana notation of proper nouns" (should match the notation in Japanese official documents (if any))

Mailing address
Shiga, Maibara, Kamitara, 322
Marianne Translation - M. KITAMURA
Step 5 : Sending of provisional translation and invoice (by e-mail) Within 48 hours of sending of "How to read nouns"
Step 6 : Approval of the provisional translation and notification of payment completion (by e-mail)
Step 7 : Delivery (by post)
After a final check, the translation will be delivered...
- Certified translation: within 24 hours
- Certified-notarized translation: within 72 hours (Saturdays Sundays Holidays eccluded)
- Certified-notarized-apostilled translation: within 10 days (Saturdays Sundays Holidays excluded)
- Apostille & Certified translation: within 7days (Saturdays Sundays Holidays excluded)

We will mail your order by a traceable and face-to-face delivery method, such as LetterPack Plus, registered mail, international registered mail, or EMS (we will inform you of the tracking number by e-mail).